A Must: First Aid KiT

Having a first aid kit in your Jeep is a must. Many times I have found myself out on a trail, miles from help. The Mymedic Kits are some of the best, most complete kits on the market.

Pictured is the MyFak kit. This kit is great for installing in your Jeep. I have mine mounted on the inside of the rear door, right next to my other tools i use on the trail. the myfak kit contains supplies to treat:


  • Bleeding / Burn

  • Sprain + Fracture

  • Topical

  • Airway

  • Medication               

  • Specialty   

  • Adventure + Survival

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+ Heavy-duty carry handle

+ 600 denier nylon

+ Instant access rip-away velcro panel

+ Fold-Out detachable mesh pockets

+ D-rings to attach shoulder strap

+ 5 different colors

+ Waterproof

+ OSHA & ANSI approved

+ FSA/HSA Approved purchase


Technical Specs

Dimensions | 4in. x 6.75in. x 7.75in. | 209.25cu. in

Weight | Basic kit | 1117 grams | 2.46lbs.

Weight | premium kit | 1460 grams  3.21 lbs.