Rock Lights

I end up doing at least one night run every year when we are in Moab. This is a mod I was really looking forward to getting on Rubi. On some of the more technical trails, the ability to see exactly where my tires are relative to the obstacles is paramount for safe wheeling.

KC Hilites Cyclone Led rock lights

I run a few different KC HiLites lighting set-ups on my Jeep, and I am a big fan of their products. I’ll be installing a set of four(4) lights, using KC’s Cyclone LED Rock Light kit. The kit comes with all you need, and the wiring harnesses are designed for the JKU, making this a really straight forward, nothing to modify install.

Here’s a look at the kit…


Here’s the Cyclone LED attached to the mounting bracket, ready to bolt on Rubi. Really impressed with the quality.


This is a “no drill” kit, designed to utilize the factory rock rail mounting points closest to each tire. For my set-up, I mounted the Cyclones to the bottom of the Rock Slide Engineering Step Sliders. This has them tucked up out of the way, and illuminating each tire.

This the front…


And here is the rear set-up…


Below is a shot of the wiring harnesses, buss bar and wiring to pull power from the battery or sPod ready to install. They are specific for driver and passenger side. You will notice the last 10” of the leads are in a durable wire casing…nice touch. There is also a Doestch connecter that will allow you to extend the circuit further out back. I may add a couple of additional Cyclones out back, we’ll see.

I ran the wiring harness on top of each frame rail, securing them with zip ties.


For my install, I ran this circuit directly to the battery (not off my sPod). I mounted my switch on the Rugged Ridge Switch Pod. OTRATTW did the custom Contura switch for me.

DSC_0539 2.jpg

I got a chance to put these to the test recently. We were running Steel Bender in Moab after dark. It’s a long trail that just keeps throwing tough obstacles at you. It was so helpful to have these on the trail, for both myself and my spotter. I also used them at our campsite, for general illumination around the Jeep as we set up camp.

The Cyclones have an IP68 rating, which means they are dust proof and water proof. They can withstand being submerged up to 1.5m for 30min..

Here’s a pic of them in action…



  • Wattage: 5W per light

  • LED Source: Samsung 5630 LED’s

  • Amp Draw: 0.42A

  • Voltage: 6-16V

  • IP Rating: IP68

  • Dimensions: D-0.53”xW-2.20”