iPhone/Camera Mounts

I think nearly all of us use some of smart phone device. It’s nice to have it secure and mounted where it’s easy to access in our Jeeps. It’s also nice to have a secure place to mount a camera on the dash. If you have ever taken your Jeep off road, you know how much things can get tossed around while you’re navigating a tough trail. I was looking for a system that could handle my phone and GoPro and various cameras we might run mounted on the dash.

67 designs

I recently installed 67 Designs 2 Ball mount system in Rubi.


I really liked the design of the 67 mount system that allows you to position the arms in nearly any position you like. The arms are made of beautiful carbon fiber. All parts have a nice quality feel to them and are very quick and easy to use.

I also ordered the aluminum squeeze device to hold my iPhone. 67 Designs recommends this mount for off road use.

This system requires no drilling and will mount in the Jeep JK(U) using the OEM 7mm bolt found in the dash tray as well as 3M VHB double sided tape to attach to the factory tray.

I recently returned from an eight day wheeling trip in Ouray and Moab.

On the trail using 67 Designs mounts…

On the trail using 67 Designs mounts…

We were running class 6-7 trails…a really good test of this system. The 67 Designs worked flawlessly. The clamps stay put, holding firmly with no need to over tighten them. When they are locked, they stay locked and in position. The aluminum squeeze plate works beautifully, allowing you quickly install and remove your device with one hand, on the fly.

Looking forward to eventually trying out my iPad mounted this way, to run trail maps. Stay tuned, more to come.