Exterior Accessories

I remember reading about Jeepers experiencing "hood flutter" on JK(U)'s. What's that like I wondered? It wasn't too long and I found out myself. 

I was rolling down the interstate around 70mph on a windy day. The wind was blowing at me on an angle.  All of a sudden I see the hood start to lift...what the heck! Hood flutter, the factory rubber hood hold downs stretch under the load of air moving under the hood and trying to lift it open. The stock hood latch is made of rubber.


This isn't a very confidence inspiring thing! Time to look at some aftermarket hood latches. I chose to go with Rugged Ridge for this upgrade for two reasons. Their Hood Catches as they like to call them are made from aluminum and have a real nice proportion to them. Check them out...


I went with the black power coated finish here. I like the design of these as they are adjustable, to allow you to get your hood aligned perfectly. Here they are installed...


These bolt on using the stock mounting locations, no drilling or altering of you hood necessary. Reaching the lower mount bolt can be tricky, not a lot of room to work in there.


Mine have been on Rubi for nearly two years now, and they still look brand new. They have nice solid feel to them as you use them, providing a pleasant clunk as you lock them down. I'm very happy with the functionality and looks of this mod...happier still the hood flutter is a thing of the past!



This next mod is pretty common with the JK(U) crowd. This is an easy and effective way to provide a visual upgrade to the stock door handles.


drake off road Aluminum handle inserts



Drake makes a quality insert for getting some bling factor on the door handles. The install is super easy, and requires drilling a small hole to accept the mounting screws. Here's a look...



I eventually powder coated mine when I began adding the bronze accents. This is a super easy way to bring some color to the JK(U)...