When I bought my 2106 Hard Rock, I remember being a bit shocked at how weak the stock head lamps were. I remember saying to myself only half jokingly...I own flashlights that were more powerful! These headlamps seem to have been a forgotten part of Jeeps Wrangler development. 

A little research pointed me in the direction of J.W. Speaker. Who is J.W. Speaker you may ask. J.W. Speaker Corp. has been around since 1935. Early products include automotive specialty pieces as well as the Heatab miniature portable stove and the P-38 GI can opener-both of which were widely used during WW II and for several decades there after by the U.S. Military. Around 1960, they began to shift focus as an OEM lighting manufacturer. Since then, J.W. Speaker has developed and specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of lighting products for OEM equipment manufacturers in agriculture, construction, on road commercial, material handling, mining, motorcycle, recreation and aviation markets.

I am running the J.W. Speaker Evolution 8700 J-Series headlights. These are direct swap in plug and play replacement headlamp.


J.W.Speaker 8700 evolution j-series



- Plug and Play

- UV-resistant polycarbonate lens

- No anti flicker harness required

- DOT & Transport Canada compliant for on road use

- ComfortLite high beams

- Made in USA

- Raw Output: 1770(low)/2610(high) Lumens

- Effective Output: 750(low)/1150(high) Lumens

- Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC

- Mating Connector: H14


Here's a look at the Evo J's...


The Low-Beams consist of the top projector and outer two LED's, with the Hi-Beams firing through the larger lower projector. The half Halo adds a unique look and style to the headlights. The "D" lens provide additional light fill in...


The housing is made of die-cast aluminum, and doubles as a heat sink.. The anti flicker circuits are built into the units. These units are built with long lasting LED's that last 50+ times longer than stock Halogen headlights.



6145 J-Series Foglights

To continue the lighting upgrades to the front of Rubi, next up was the addition of J.W. Speaker 6145 fog lamps. These compliment the new headlamps with a similar looking 'D' projector lens.


I ran these first with my 10A/Hard Rock bumper. That will require an additional bracket from Max-3 and a slight modification to the lamp housing. Here they are installed on my VPR 126-SS bumper.

_DSC7786 2.jpg

The 6145's beam illuminate directly under the bumper, and off to the sides. The beam has a very distinct cut off, filling in under the headlamp, and not adding to the headlamp. This keeps them out of the eyes of oncoming traffic when properly aimed. The housing comes with an elevation adjustment screw for easy aiming.



Model 239 j2 series turn signals


The next upgrade was to add LED turn signals. J.W. Speaker fills the bill here once again with their Model 239 J2 Series LED turn signals. These are 3.5" round LED turn signals that bolt right in place of the stock turn signals.


These are the smoked lens, that match up with my headlights and fogs. The turn signals are easy to swap in. In the above pic, you can see the mounting bracket that holds them to the grill. 

In this next pic, you can see them installed in the grill.


All finished up...

Here you see the trio all together, really transforms the front of the Jeep...

Here you see the trio all together, really transforms the front of the Jeep...



- Designed exclusively for Jeeps

- No anti-flicker harness or external load resister required

- Plug & Play installation

- DOT & Transport Cananda compliant for on road use

- Retrofits stock Jeep JK bumpers


I really like how all these tie together design-wise, and the increase in light output, ease of driving has been increased in a big way. I highly recommend these upgrades. The J.W. Speaker products are American quality products.