- Tweaking The Look -


In many ways I consider Rubi an evolving build, a canvas on which work on ideas. I feel like I’m always carrying an idea or two around in my head, just waiting for an opportunity to ty it out.

As my build evolved, and I got bored (sometimes the only reason) with the black and red scheme, I worked up a bronze/gold over black color scheme. I really liked the way that turned out. Then, out of nowhere while I’m snapping pictures of Rubi on the trails of Moab, I realized I was ready to move on from the bronze age. I was missing the way the previous polished trim rings would play in the light of the day, the visual “pop’ they provided against the black paint. Time to hit the powder coaters and look at something new.

It’s relatively easy for me to change the color scheme, as I’m working with the wheel trim rings, door inserts and trim bezels on the Gravity Pro 6’s. These three areas provide just enough detail and surface area to be really effective. I knew I wanted to get a color that would provide more visual “pop”, and have the characteristic of a polished metal, giving a varied feel and color in different light.

The first color test I did involved a silver/magnesium color that I finished in a matte top coat. It gave the effect of an exotic metal, but in the end, it did not have the “pop” I was looking for. Visually, it was very close in effect to the bronze. After discussing several silvers with the shop, they suggested I look at a color called Kingsport Grey. This is a color that has a lot of metallic in the grey and has a high gloss finish, allowing it to be very reflective. When not in direct light, it looks more like a black chrome. It was also nice that Kingsport is a one coat application. Some of the “black chromes” can be 2 or 3 steps. We test shot a couple of pieces so I could spend some time with it in different light.

This pic was taken under a soft, overcast sky…

This pic was taken under a soft, overcast sky…

I loved the effect the Kingsport Grey gave me…I found my new color! I’m combining the Kingsport Grey with red accents on the hood graphics, front quarter panels and the adjustment handles on the Falcon 3.3 shocks, as well as the the Pro-Link, D-Rings and Hard Rock tow hooks. I really like how this turned out!

Here’s a look at the new color in different light. In this first pic taken just after sundown, you can see how the color reacts with the concrete. The door handle inserts look like bare aluminum.


Here’s a detail of the Pro 6 rings in the new color…


…and here is a shot on the shadow side after sunset…


…and here is a slideshow, these were taken right at and during sunset, so they are very warm in color…

I feel like this is a really strong, unified look. One that has a few surprises in it, and a lot of personality.


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