- Kargo Master Safari Lo-Pro Update -

I’ve been running a KMS Lo-Pro Mod rack on my JKU for roughly two years now. It’s been one of my favorite mods, useful, sturdy, absolutely dead quiet and leak free. I carry fuel cells and my Hi-Lift jack on it when off roading. I’ve also used it as a photography platform and drone landing pad.

DSC_0186-2 copy.jpg

I added the KMS A-Frame up front to be able to mount my Gravity Pro 6 light bar about a year ago. It too has been a stellar performer. Rock solid with a very durable finish. I like that KMS put a really useful grab handle on the A-Frame, perfect for pulling yourself up onto the rock rails.


This week I added the KMS Front to Back Rails. I love how this ties it all together. The rails also provide additional cargo containment. I may outfit it to allow me to carry a kayak up there with the addition of a cross bar.


Here’s a shot of the front attachment points. You see how well built it is. I lucked out, the spacing of the rails was perfect to accommodate my Pro 6 light bar mounts.


The rails are designed to allow the Freedom Tops to be removed. Looking forward to seeing what cargo configurations I will run now. Stay tuned.