Extra Fuel Capacity

It’s almost October, and I’ve been working hard getting Rubi ready for another trip out to Moab. One of the changes I’ve been working on is the adding extra fuel capacity.

Last year I ran two 2gal RotoPax fuel containers on my roof rack. The year I will be adding two of the new 2.5gal FuelpaX containers. I will mount the new 2.5’s up on the roof rack, and carry my 2gal containers my spare tire. To accomplish this, I will be using Rock Slide Engineering’s EZ Rack. Here’s a look at the install…


I’ll be using the RotoPax locking mounts on these…


Testing the layout. I need to clear my CB antenna, as well as have access to the cargo door handle. I can just clear my antenna…


Here’s a pic of all four fitted on Rubi….


I really like how quickly the EZ Rack allows you to add extra fuel cells, tools, whatever to your Jeep. It’s easy to remove and store when I’m not needing the extra capacity.

Looking forward to getting the new set-up out on the trails and testing it out. Stay tuned, more to come.

This is a close-up of how I secured the extra strap. It worked well.

A quick up-date from the trails. The EZ Rack performed flawlessly, allowing me to carry an extra 4 gal. of fuel on my spare.

At the Hotel in Ouray, Co., getting ready to run Governor Basin, Yankee Boy Basin…

At the Hotel in Ouray, Co., getting ready to run Governor Basin, Yankee Boy Basin…

On Governor Basin Trail…

On Governor Basin Trail…

In these last pics we were running the ‘Tivecta’ in Moab. These are class 7 trails and will test everything on your rig. The EZ Rack was up to the task…rock solid, never once moved.

Crossing ‘Golden Crack’ in the rain!

Crossing ‘Golden Crack’ in the rain!